Vertical Storage Solutions Bring Across-The-Board Improvements to Your Warehouse

Warehouse operators are facing challenges in numerous ways. Space is limited, and they are often pressured to find ways to store more stock without expanding physical space. There are also numerous health and safety concerns to consider, with an ever-growing list of safety regulations to follow. These factors and more can all drag down the profitability of a warehouse while creating bottlenecks to overall efficiency.
However, there is a solution to all these concerns: vertical storage solutions! Automated vertical storage systems bring numerous benefits to warehouses and will quickly pay for themselves with pure ROI.

Four Ways Vertical Storage Solutions Can Improve Any Warehouse

1. Reclaim wasted space
Far too many warehouses are wasting so much of the space they have available. Either they have to keep shelves far from each other, to make room for workers and support machinery, or else they ignore plenty of empty air above people\’s heads. Vertical storage systems allow you to make the most of your available space! They are more compact than traditional shelving while being able to extend upwards as high as space permits.
With a vertical storage solution, you will be able to instantly expand the capacity of your warehouse.

2. Improve picking efficiency
Even well-trained workers will take time to locate and pick items off of shelves, and mistakes will be common. With vertical storage solutions, both of these drags on efficiency go away. Robot-controlled picking is faster and more accurate than human picking, allowing you to move more stock, with fewer errors.

3. Reduce health and safety concerns
Imagine how much safer – and cheaper – your operation would be if your workforce never had to climb on a ladder or utilize a cherry picker. By having robots do the dangerous job of moving vertically around your warehouse, you can vastly decrease the chances of an on-the-job incident.
You might even be able to get lower insurance rates, with an automated system installed.

4. Protect your product
Products stored in a vertical storage system are inherently safer than products sitting on shelves. They are less likely to receive physical damage from unintended impacts, and they are far less vulnerable to theft. You can track every item request, or even restrict employee access to valuable stock – reducing loss significantly.

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