Four Ways Horizontal Carousels Can Improve Your Warehouse Operations

If you are looking to improve efficiency in your warehouse or other locations where products are stored, horizontal carousels may be the solution. These systems pack a lot of product into a relatively small, enclosed space, and use rapidly-moving carousels to bring specific items directly to your workers. They\’re available in a wide variety of sizes and capacities, with solutions available to fit almost any existing space.

These are just a few of the ways that horizontal carousels can greatly increase overall efficiency and productivity in product storage and picking.

Four Big Benefits of Adopting Horizontal Carousels

* Expand storage capacity without physical expansion
Horizontal carousels require far less space, per product, than traditional shelving. The addition of carousels can therefore greatly increase your overall capacity – potentially improving overall storage by 50% or more. For operations where storage space is growing tight, these can free up plenty of floor space and relieve the pressure.

* Greatly improve picking efficiency
These carousels are entirely computer-controlled. The worker inputs a code or scans a barcode, and the carousel automatically rotates around to present the stock. This is far faster than having workers manually search for stock on shelves, as well as being much less prone to mistakes. You can greatly speed up your picking with carousels.

* Protect your products
Products lying around on shelves are always going to be vulnerable to loss, as well as damage from accidental physical impact. Carousels are a solution here as well. By keeping most products inside an enclosure, any sort of theft becomes far more difficult. Some models even use vending machine style dispensing slots, to prevent workers from accessing any product but the one being requested. Plus, requests, of course, are tracked and documented.

* Reduce health and safety concerns
When you have fewer workers climbing around on ladders, or making use of cherry pickers, you also have far fewer safety concerns! You\’ll see fewer accidents and workman\’s comp filings. You might even be able to lower your insurance premiums by making your workspace safer.

Horizontal Carousels Quickly Pay for Themselves!

The bottom line is that carousels show an excellent ROI in a short amount of time, thanks to the numerous across-the-board improvements they bring. Your warehouse can be a smoothly-running profit machine, rather than a bottleneck. Contact Material Flow Technologies for a full consultation on our automated storage solutions!