Vertical Lift Modules

Material Flow Technologies offer a state of the are Vertical Lift Modula (VLM) with the Modula Lift. The Modula Lift VLM is a storage system that will provide a dense storage solution that utilizes the unused vertical space within a facility.

Here is a list of potential benefits you can expect with an implementation of a Modula Vertical Lift Modules.

  • Space savings and recovery of floor space up to 90%
  • Increased productivity and reduced labor of up to 400%
  • Improved inventory control and inventory accuracy usually above 99%
  • Greater picking accuracy with light directed picking and even laser directed picking
  • Improved ergonomics and user safety as all items are accessed at an optimum height
  • Enhanced accountability through recording of transactions and limiting access to those authorized
  • Greater flexibility than most alternative storage solutions, this will provide a more efficient method of storing a large variety of inventory.

The Modula Vertical Lift Modules can be provided in many applications. Here are some of the applications we have successfully applied a Modula solution.

lift metal printing
modula lift system
modula lift warehouse

Service Parts

The Modula offers greater storage density along with improved productivity. With the implementation of the Modula software and pick and put to light technology we improved the inventory management, order picking productivity and picking accuracy. By reducing the time to walk and search for parts and batch picking orders we have seen pick rates increase by as much as 400%.

Maintenance & Repair Operations

We have applied Modula systems to Maintenance and Repair parts storage. This application saves time, organizes the parts storage, reduces the space requirements and improves inventory accuracy and control. By limiting access to the inventory through user passwords we can ultimately eliminate the lost inventory and reduce the search for parts that are improperly stored.

Tool Cribs

Tool Cribs can be a difficult area to manage inventory. Many times, there are thousands of parts and tools stored in shelving and drawer cabinets. There are also many supplies that are hard to track accurately. With a Modula implementation we not only save space we also make the area more organized and the inventory traceable. We limit access which prevents non-authorized access to inventory which can lead to missing inventory.

Tooling & Test Fixture Storage

Storing tooling fixtures that are unique to a particular part can be difficult to handle and store. Also, test fixtures can be heavy and sensitive to the environment or mishandling. With a Modula we can provide space savings since these fixtures usually take up a lot of space on shelving or specialty racks. The Modula provides an optimum ergonomic height to access these parts and with the use of a lifting device to assist the operator heavy or awkward parts can be easily lifted in and out of the storage trays. This makes the process safer for the operator and the fixture.

Order Fulfillment Operations

There is a lot of methods to achieve efficient order fulfillment and one size does not fit all in this environment. The Modula has proven that properly applied it can provide some benefits that other types of systems are not properly suited. This is an environment that usually requires a combination of technologies and need an analysis of the best storage and retrieval option for the right inventory mix. We have had success with the Modula in this environment providing several benefits such as, Reduced Floor Space, Increased Productivity, Greater Accuracy, Better Ergonomics, and Improved Storage Methods. Sometimes it can be the combination of benefits that provides the best alternative.
modula lift dual external bay

Specialty Handling Operations

We have had the opportunity to apply the Modula in applications that are not always considered for a Vertical Lift Modules. This includes:

  • Bar Stock or Long Art Handling – We have trays that are up to 161” long and can handle capacities up to 2000 lbs.
  • Work in Process Bulk Handling – We have stored inventory for production that is stored in bulk containers. This can be light product or heavy product that needs special lifting devices to lift the parts in and out of storage. We can kit parts for an assembly or put complete totes of the same parts for a process or a Kan-Ban system replenishment.
  • Automated Handling – We have also applied robotics to handle parts and storage containers in an automated system. This can eliminate an operator where the handling need is not well suited for an operator or automation can improve the throughput or quality of the handling process. This can be a challenging but very rewarding solution.
We are always looking for new ways to apply the Modula technology. As an integrator of system solutions, we will consider all applications and apply the best available technology to meet the challenge. We are proud to be able to offer the Modula Lift as one of the best products in the Vertical Lift Modules category.