Innovative Storage Systems

This is where Storeganizer comes in. This innovative, high-density storage system provides a slim fit storage solutions that is ideal for small, slow moving items.

Why Storeganizer?

Optimizing the cost per square foot and organizing order picking as efficiently as possible are ongoing challenges in warehouse management. Pallet racking works well for high-volume, fast-moving items, but may lead to big waste of space when it comes to smaller, slower moving inventory items.

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How it Works

The textile pockets can be suspended up to four rows deep, and the back rows are easily accessed by simply rolling the lightweight columns in front to the left or right.

The modular design offers built-in customization possibilities, making it possible to start with a basic module and gradually scale the solution according to the company’s needs.

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How do you maximize the ROI of your rack space?

Eventen combined small, medium, and large pocket sizes, totaling 2,759 storage locations, “this configuration allos us to store no less than 4,900 SKU’s we had on the shelving before,” says Kelvin.
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A Storreganizer solution concentrates a large number of SKU’s in space by stacking them vertically, reducing the picking area to be covered. Therefore shorter travelling distances leads to higher order picking productivity.

The configuration can also be easily arranged to limit bending and lifting, by storing the fastest moving and/or heaviest SKU’s on higher levels.

“rarely do we achieve a ‘win-win’ with new products. In this case, there are no disadvantages. These columns increase efficiency; eliminate the need for expensive rack upgrades, site expansion or offsite leases; improve tidiness; reduce staff stress and impress corporate leadership. We only eish we discovered this earlier”.


The Universal hanging system and modular design of the storeganizer solution  allows easy installation in any new or existing rack wherever it is needed in the warehouse.


To avoid wasting space by storing small items or helves, Storaganizer packs these items more densenly in vertical columns of slim pockets.


The cost-efficient, environmentally sound and highly protective storeganizer pockets and crafted of high-quality industrial textile fabric. Durably coated, these flexible pockets feature up to a 10-year warranty.
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Range of Options

A Storeganizer solution is highly adaptable, featuring a very broad assortment of pocket dimensions and customization options from which to choose.

Our Services

Measuring  and installing a storeganizer solurions at your facility can be done at a short notice, including on-site customization.

A storaganizer expect measures the area and the products to be stored using storeganizer’s unique quantisizer software. Based on these measurements, pockets are taller-made, Perfectly optimized to the available space and the type of products the storeganizer configuration will contain.

Thanks to their strong industrial textile fabric, storeganizer pockets come with 10-year rip-and-crack warranty.

Our Post-Installation Service keeps a storeganizer solution as good as new for years, and entrepreneurs and CFOs benefit equally from Storeganizet’s continuous product evaluation.