Vertical Carousels

A vertical carousel is a series of bins mounted to a vertical oval track inside a large cabinet. The motion is similar to a ferris wheel. The carousel bins rotate to bring the required items to the operator. It is designed for parts storage and order picking applications handling like-sized items, carriers can be subdivided for a customizable solution. Computer controls are integrated into the carousel system allowing you to perform a wide range of activities from simple transactions to full inventory control.

With a maximum height of 32 feet, the vertical carousel storage solutions are most commonly used in operations with ceiling heights of 15 to 22 feet.

modula vertical carousel

Vertical Carousel Benefits

Space Saving Design   |   Picking Productivity   |   Picking Accuracy

Inventory Accuracy   |   Product Stored Securely

Contaminant Free Environment   |   Ergonomic Friendly Picking

modula vertical carousel

Industries for Vertical Carousels

Manufacturing & Finished Goods   |  Pharmaceuticals

Third Party Logistics   |   Retail & Apparel 

Machine Parts & Tooling   |   Warehouse Applications

Space Savings   The Vertical Carousel is an automated storage system that stores inventory vertically utilizing the complete height of the facility. The VLM will take advantage of unused space in your facility while decreasing the footprint of the current storage system. Depending on the product and the type and utilization of the current storage system it is not unlikely to experience a reduction of storage space the is as much as 500 to 700%. This means that if you are currently storing product in a space of 2000 sq. ft. you could store that in as little as 600 sq. ft. This makes significant space available for additional storage or other income producing operations.

Productivity   The Vertical Carousel will automatically bring parts to the picker. This can be further enhanced with software and pick to light technologies. With the proper integration with the systems we can provide a solution that could easily reduce the process of storing and picking product by as much as 500% to 1000%.

Picking Accuracy   With the implementation of software and a pick to light the accuracy of picking nears 100%. This technology also applies to putting product away thus eliminating the lost inventory. As we have found in many applications, this can reduce costs associated with miss picking parts, inventory search time lost and inventory accuracy.

Inventory Control   The Vertical Carousel technology will naturally track the transactions made in the system that will assure inventory accuracy. Along with software that can be integrated with the client’s host systems and pick to light technology we can approach nearly 100% accuracy in inventory. This can save costs associated with lost inventory, lost opportunities, expedited freight, and unfulfilled customer expectations.

Ergonomics   The Vertical Carousel will present a storage or picking opportunity at an ergonomic height every time. This eliminate the need to bend or reach for product that can lead to injury or damage to product. There is no need for ladders or lift equipment to access parts. The overall benefit is a safer operation and less cost.

Product Security   The Vertical Carousel access can be limited to authorized personnel thus preventing “borrowed” or stolen inventory. In addition, every transaction is recorded and can be assigned a job # or order # as well as the operator that performed the transaction for traceability.

Material Flow Technologies specializes in the evaluation of the most valuable solution for your application. We are pleased to offer a no obligation initial interview that will provide recommendations for the best alternatives to generate improvements in your operation. Our comprehensive evaluation provides equipment and system recommendations while also estimating costs and return on investment (ROI).