Goods to Person System

Material Flow Technologies is a proud partner with Mushiny Good-To-Person System!

MIX - Green Solution for Goods to Person

This innovative warehousing solution effectively combines the flexibility of AMR Goods-to-Person and the high storage advantage of Shuttle AMR Totes-to-Person, which simultaneously supports the storage and picking of large, medium, and small-sized packages.

Meanwhile, the solution adopts Mushiny’s unique Heating Algorithm 2.0 to realize the AI storage optimization of both totes and pods/shelves. Compared to the traditional intelligent warehousing solution, the advantages of the Mushiny MIX solution include, but are not limited to…

400% Improvement in Density

4-5 Times Increase in Picking Efficiency

50% Reduction in the ROI of Hardware


Mushiny MIX solution has set up a brand new benchmark for intralogistics with its comprehensive growth of energy efficiency as well as its superior ROI. The world’s leading features and characteristics of Mushiny MIX-Green Solution for Goods-to-Person:

  • Universal Applicability: Meet picking needs of the large, medium, and small parcels simultaneously; support PODs/pallet picking for unusually shaped items
  • High Throughput: Up to 650 totes of pick-in/pick-outs per hour
  • Strong Bearing Capacity: A single container can bear a maximum weight of 30kg; a maximum workload of 1.5T
  • Optimized Space Utilization: 10 layers of Totes with a height of only 3.7 meters for better space utilization
  • High Storage Density: PODs are tightly arranged so that high-density storage of 4 sets of shelves and a 400% increase in storage density can be realized
  • High Picking Hit Rate: With Mushiny’s unique heating algorithm 2.0, the picking hit rate can reach as high as 99.99%
  • High Efficiency: A 70% saving in manpower, a significant reduction in labor intensity, and a 4–5 times increase in picking efficiency
  • Outstanding ROI: A 50% reduction in ROI of robots, and a great decrease in construction and maintenance brought out by the unique all-in-one design

We are always looking for new ways to apply Mushiny technology. As an integrator of system solutions, we will consider all applications and apply the best available technology to meet the challenge. We are proud to be able to offer the Mushiny as one of the best products in the Goods-to-Person category.