Material Handling System & Maintenance

Most projects will require services to install or relocate some material handling equipment. Material Flow Technologies can provide professional services to install the equipment necessary. This may be only mechanical or both mechanical and electrical field wiring of the equipment. These services may be for all new systems, additions or modifications to existing systems.

Once installed we can provide maintenance and service on the existing equipment to provide reliability for the long term. Our service techs have certification in many types of equipment and experience with many others. We also, can provide repairs and replacement of defective components to many types of equipment.

As a distributor of automated equipment and systems our vendors expect that we can provide a quality after sale support for their products. We will determine the best way to assure our customers of the support necessary and provide the most efficient and economical service available. Our service after the sale is the key to our success and repeat projects with many of our clients.

Some of the services we have provided include:

  • Installation of many types of material handling equipment
  • Service and repairs of material handling equipment
  • Relocation services for equipment and systems
  • Removal of equipment and systems
  • Preventative maintenance on automated equipment
  • Addition of equipment, safety controls or enhancements to existing systems
  • Pallet Rack Repair

Material Flow Technologies is capable of handling any project that includes installation as a turn-key solution.