Warehouse Automation

At Material Flow Technologies we offer a full range of services that keep your business moving at optimal levels.
Material Flow Technologies offer a state-of-the-art Vertical Lift Modules (otherwise known as VLM’s) with the Modula Lift. The Modula Lift VLM is a storage system that will provide a dense storage solution that utilizes the unused vertical space within a facility.
A vertical carousel is designed for parts storage and order picking applications handling like-sized items, carriers can be subdivided for a customizable solution. Computer controls are integrated into the carousel system allowing you to perform a wide range of activities from simple transactions to full inventory control.
Eliminating unproductive travel and search time, horizontal carousels are designed for high speed order picking and parts delivery. Bins mounted to an oval track rotate horizontally to deliver stored items to an operator- saving space, reducing labor costs, speeding throughput and improving order accuracy.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are indeed widely used in distribution and manufacturing environments to improve efficiency and streamline operations. These robots are designed to autonomously navigate through the facility, transporting goods and materials between different locations.

Material Flow Technologies offers a Mobile Rack and Shelving best in class solution with Montel. From the first contact to the completion of a project, we spare no effort to meet the requirements of our clients. Today, the name of Montel is synonymous of excellence around the world in high density vertical storage systems.
Motorized Drive Roller (MDR) technology is the most revolutionary since the advent of the line-shaft conveyor in the late ’60s. Its impact is currently expanding rapidly as more users and manufacturers begin to see the benefits of this technology.