Conveyor Systems

Motorized Drive Roller (MDR) technology is the most revolutionary since the advent of the line-shaft conveyor in the late ’60s. Its impact is currently expanding rapidly as more users and manufacturers begin to see the benefits of this technology.

boxes on conveyor

Operator Friendly

Increased safety

Low torque verses conventional motors

No sprockets or chains reduce pinch points

Photo sensors in side frame reduce catch points

Low noise improves working environment

Powder coat conductive paint reduces sharp edges

conveyor belt

Operations Friendly

Reliable – failures typically effect only a single zone

Flexible – built-in variable speed, accel and decel

Modular – easy reconfiguration

Clean – no grease or oil

True zero-pressure accumulation

Low energy use – 50-75% less than other systems

Low over-all cost of ownership

conveyor and storage shelves

Maintenance Friendly

Fewer spare parts

Low cost spare parts

Short repair times

Consistent operation and repair across modules

24 volt DC typically doesn’t require an electrician

Most repairs can be done by a single person

Staff typically can carry parts with them

MDR Controls

A typical MDR system uses rollers that include 24VDC brushless and 24 Volt Gearless motors. This roller is connected to slaved rollers with urethane belts. Photo-eyes are used to detect product, and provide accumulation control.

When considering MDR applications, several design criteria must be established to provide a system that will meet short and long term needs. The first consideration should be power distribution. Unlike a typical conveyor installation, where 480VAC is delivered to widely distributed AC motors, Hilmot MDR applications require 24VDC with relatively high current capacity at every conveyor section.

A typical 10′ bed with 30″ zones will require 4 motorized rollers, each demanding about 3 amps at 24VDC, so we typically provide 12 amps capacity per 10 foot of conveyor. To deliver this power, we factory locate and wire (1) power supply per 30 zones. Installation time and cost are significantly reduced, as once the beds are installed.

boxes on conveyor