About Us

Material Flow Technologies provides clients with the highest value in material handling systems. We accomplish this through a thorough evaluation of a client’s existing situation and by applying our knowledge and experience to ensure a complete solution. We approach all projects in partnership with our clients to evaluate and understand a client’s operation and unique project requirements. With over 20 years of experience providing complete material handling solutions, we then develop a solution with the greatest operational benefit and return on investment on your next Material Flow solution.

About the Company

Material Flow is the process of efficiently moving materials through a warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing plant in a safe and economical fashion. Our focus is to look for opportunities to be more efficient by use of proper storage, retrieval and transportation technology that is integrated with the proper information systems.

Established in 1998, Material Flow Technologies provides a complete systems approach to material handling. When a company needs to develop a change in their operation it is important to identify all the systems that will be affected. In many cases, making changes within one operation can impact other applications or segments of the facility. 

This can create a potential for cost increases in other aspects of the operation such as labor and inventory management. Our approach is to design solutions that meet the primary objective but in many cases, we will also address the effects and opportunities within other areas of the operations.

In addition to our Consulting and Design expertise, we are also a distributor for many industry leading manufacturers of material handling equipment and accessories. Therefore, we are able to not only design the solution but in most cases provide, and install, all of the equipment for the project.

As we design a material flow through your operations, we address and implement software needs that will tie the equipment and information systems to the clients host systems. This is just another way for us to assist the entire system of your business and ensure a smooth operation from beginning of production to the end.

workers using machines to lift boxes

Equipment & Systems

Material Flow Technologies has experience in implementing the following equipment and systems to provide an integrated Material Flow solution.
aisles of shelves 
  • Conveyor Solutions
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (Including Vertical Grow Racks)
  • Automated Picking Systems
  • Automated Put Systems
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Radio Frequency Data Collection
  • Radio Frequency Data Collection
  • Packing and Shipping Automation
  • Traditional Material Handling Solutions
  • Innovative Custom Equipment, Controls and Software Solutions
  • LED Lighting Systems
We are looking forward to partnering with your company on your next Material Flow solution.