Material Handling Software & Controls

Many solutions require custom controls and software to provide a complete system solution. Material Flow Technologies can design controls that may be necessary to manage the movement of materials safely and efficiently by the automated equipment applied in the system solution.

Some system solutions also require software to manage the Inventory and Orders or the communications between multiple automation equipment. We offer Warehouse Controls Systems (WCS) that will control the material flow through the system. We have Inventory Management Systems (IMS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) that can track the inventory and orders from receiving through storage, order picking, consolidation, packing and shipping.

Some systems can manage inventory just in the automated storage and retrieval systems while some systems will also manage inventory in static storage either manually or with automated Radio Frequency handheld devices for scanning and data entry.

lift system
bar code reader
laser pointer system

Many of our software solutions are standard products that can be configured to meet the application or customized to meet unique solution requirements.