Mobile Storage Systems

Material Flow Technologies offers a Mobile Rack and Shelving best in class solution with Montel. At Montel, client satisfaction is an ongoing priority. Montel Distributors are specialists in providing turnkey project solutions including space planning, design and floor loading consulting services, and factory certified system installations. They are also committed to providing a high level of professionalism and an outstanding customer service before and after the sale. From the first contact to the completion of a project, we spare no effort to meet the requirements of our clients. Today, the name of Montel is synonymous of excellence around the world in high density vertical storage systems.

SafeRak Mobile Racking Solutions

SafeRak is a rack system that allows for greater utilization of the available space for storing product in Pallet Rack. By eliminating unused aisle space we can reduce the floor space requirements by up to 70%. The only aisle space is for the rack location that needs to be accessed.

Some of the benefits can include:

  • Save up to 70% of current floor space to store the existing inventory
  • Increase overall storage by up to 70% without increasing space requirements
  • Gain productivity by reducing the travel
  • Secure the inventory by controlling the access by employees
  • Reduce utility costs such as Heating, Cooling and lighting expenses with a more dense storage application. Especially valuable in high value storage applications such as coolers and freezers

Mobile Storage System

Mobilex & SafeAisle Mobile Shelving Solution

Montel offers two types of mobile vertical storage solutions. The Mobilex shelving solution provides an economical hand crank option for the mobile aisle shelving. This solution provides high density shelving storage by eliminating the unused aisle space typical in a shelving storage system. The Mobilex solution can reduce the storage space requirements for the existing shelving storage system by up to 50%.

SafeAisle mobile shelving systems have the same benefits as the mobilex solution with the added advantage of automated movement at a touch of a button. This can increase the access speeds of the system with no added manual effort. The electric motors allow access to an aisle selected quickly by moving all shelving rows simultaneously to open the required aisle.

Both mobile aisle solutions provide storage benefits including:

  • Reduced floor space by up to 50%
  • Improved efficiency by reducing walking requirements
  • Secure storage by limiting access by unauthorized employees
  • Reduced Utility costs such as heating, cooling and lighting.
  • Cleaner more aesthetic storage solution
  • The Montel mobile aisle solution is a great way to get more from your existing facility without adding space.

Mobile Store Applications

There are many special applications for mobile storage systems which can offer great value. Some of these applications include:

Cooler/Freezer Storage   By adding Mobile Racking or shelving to a cooler or freezer you can store much more inventory in the same square footage. This reduces the need to build a larger cooler of freezer which can be expensive. In addition, a more dense mobile vertical storage system reduces the utility costs for cooling the space as there is less space to cool.

GreenRak Growing System   By utilizing a Mobile racking system to grow plants you can not only reduce the footprint required for growing but if the vertical space allows you can have multiple tiers of plants. The GreenRak system can also have grow lamps installed within the rack to better control the laps directly over the plants. You can even add a sprinkler system to the GreenRak to automate the watering system.

Repair and Maintenance Crib   Manufacturing and automated distribution systems usually have a need for a storage system for their spare parts and repair items. This storage space can be very inefficient with static rack, shelving and drawer cabinets. The mobile solution can reduce the square footage dramatically for this storage.

Athletic Equipment Storage   Athletic equipment for a school, university or professional team can require a fair amount of space. With the implementation of a mobile storage solution we can reduce the space required allowing the excess space to be put to other uses. The mobile systems can also be locked to prevent access to those persons unauthorized to access the equipment.

Law Enforcement   Law enforcement storage of firearms and evidence is an area that needs to be highly secure. By utilizing a mobile aisle system, the space requirements can be reduced and the inventory can be secured.

Storage Solutions

Retail Storage   In retail stores space is very expensive and critical. Stores do not want to waste space for storage of excess merchandise however if the inventory is not available the sale can’t be made. With mobile vertical storage the inventory that is not on display can be stored in half the space as required for static storage systems. This can be a quick fix to a store without enough space for inventory storage.

Hospital Storage   Hospitals have limited storage space to store supplies and inventory. A mobile aisle system in place of static storage shelves can reduce the required storage space by as much as 50%. This type of system can also be locked to prevent access from unauthorized persons.

Wherever there is a need to reduce space or increase storage in an existing space the mobile vertical storage solution may be a good fit. Let Material Flow Technologies help you to determine is Mobile storage is the proper solution for your needs.

Mobile Storage System