Would Your Storage Operations Be Improved with Vertical Lift Modules?

For many people running warehouses or similar storage operations, vertical lift modules (VLMs) could be one of the best investments they make. These revolutionary devices allow items to be stored vertically, even multiple stories high, while utilizing robotic technology to both deposit and retrieve items on demand.

This means that VLMs have the potential to solve a huge number of problems within a warehouse operation. They may not be the right investment for every business, but if you\’re experiencing any of these problems, VLMs would be worth investigating.

4 Problems That Vertical Lift Modules Can Solve

1 – Space limitations

Are your operations growing faster than you can find enough storage space for? Are you in a position of possibly having to pay for physical expansion? VLMs can prevent that. They can stretch to the ceiling of nearly any building, making use of a lot of the open-air space that’s wasted in a typical warehouse. VLMs can expand your storage capacity by 50% or more – without any new construction.

2 – Inaccurate picking

A typical VLM runs based on barcodes, QR codes or similar systems. This gives them extreme accuracy in item picking, well beyond what human workers can reasonably be expected to achieve. With a VLM system, your item picks will always be correct, meaning you avoid a lot of costly mistakes further down the line.

3 – Lossage

Another major benefit of making the system computer-controlled is that it becomes far more difficult for items to \”go missing.\” With a VLM, it\’s impossible for human workers to access the stock directly (at least not in a surreptitious manner) and any pick requests are logged. It\’s simple, secure and will almost certainly help ensure your stock remains where it\’s supposed to be.

4 – Needless human accidents

Warehouses are dangerous locations, especially multi-story warehouses which require the use of cherry-pickers and similar machinery. This sets up situations ripe for injury and workers\’ comp claims. With VLMs, your workforce keeps their feet planted on the ground most of the time. It\’s robots, not people, doing the dangerous job of climbing to the upper shelves.

Material Flow Tech Can Design the Vertical Lift Modules You Need!
Material Flow Technologies has extensive experience custom-designing storage and retrieval systems that cut costs, improve efficiency, and prevent wasteful incidents. If your warehouse operations are becoming a drag on your budget, contact us to learn about our services.