Vertical Grow Racks Maximize Your Cannabis Growth Potential

If you have a thriving grow operation, you know that volume is what makes the difference between success and failure. How much product can you grow within your existing facilities?

Many operations hit a point where it seems that business growth is inhibited. Once all floor space is covered with plants, where do you go from there? Well, you go up! Vertical grow racks are reshaping the cannabis industry, allowing producers to fit far more plants into the same amount of space – and also improving growing conditions in the process!

How Vertical Grow Racks Can Grow Your Cannabis Business

  • Multiply your capacity
  • The first and most obvious benefit from vertical racks is that they allow you to increase capacity many times over. Rather than having to keep plants within arms\’ reach of your workers, you can effectively stack racks up to the ceiling. When they need to be accessed, the system simply rotates the stock to bring higher plants into reach.

    In this way, you can increase your capacity many times over – overnight!

  • Easily implement hydroponics
  • The debate may rage among users as to whether soil or hydroponics produce better product, but there\’s no debate that hydroponics are more scalable and easier to work with. Vertical racks can easily be adapted to utilize hydroponic systems that will reduce your overhead costs, as well as eliminating the sheer bulk and weight of soil that would otherwise be needed.
    (If your operation prefers soil, that\’s fine too. Vertical racks are strong enough to hold all the soil you need.)

  • Make more room for workers
  • When trying to pack more product into a room, it can become tempting to reduce walking space. However, past a point, this starts creating more problems than it solves. Workers need enough room to move around, access product and perform routine daily tasks. Vertical racks create this space while reducing the temptation to take too much space away from workers.

  • Utilize highly efficient LED lighting
  • LED UV lights are almost always the most efficient lighting solution for cannabis plants, particularly since they cannot burn the plants. Vertical racks are perfect for this setup! You can put rows of LEDs directly above each row of plants, making best use of the space available.

    Material Flow Technologies has the storage systems to truly grow your marijuana operation! Contact us to learn how we can improve your yield.