How Horizontal Carousels Improve Warehouse Operations

Speed. Efficiency. Accuracy. These are the most critical components of any successful warehouse or other storage operation. A warehouse is a necessary aspect of many business operations, and it needs to be supporting that business – not becoming a drag on productivity.

Horizontal carousels can help make this a reality. Computerized horizontal storage systems supplement your workers\’ efforts, improving operations, and often allowing for more efficient use of space as well.

Here are just a few ways horizontal carousels improve warehouse operations.

4 Major Benefits of Installing Horizontal Carousels

1 – Rapid item delivery

Carousels are computer-controlled and designed to deliver item picks in an expedited fashion. There\’s no need for your workforce to go searching among shelves, climbing up and down ladders. They simply input a code or scan a barcode, and the carousel delivers it directly to them a few moments later.

A single worker with a set of carousels can do the work of several people in a traditional warehouse.

2 – Better use of space

When your carousels are doing the hard work of finding and retrieving items, you have far less need for heavy machinery such as forklifts and cherry-pickers. This allows you to pack more items into the space you have. They aren\’t as space-efficient as some other automation options, such as vertical carousels, but they can still reclaim a lot of floor space.

3 – Accurate item picks.

Computerized item picking systems are accurate at rates of 99.9% or higher – can you say the same of your human workers? It is extremely difficult for a horizontal carousel to grab the wrong item, especially when most systems are responsible for storing that item in the first place. It \”remembers\” where it put each item, every time. This makes it difficult for mistakes to ever happen, without some form of human intervention.

4 – Greater worker safety

Warehouses are dangerous places to work – but why should that remain true when technology investments can make them far safer? When robotics applications handle the work of finding, retrieving, and moving items around, there are far fewer opportunities for your human workers to get hurt.

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