Vertical Storage Solutions Reduce Waste and Inefficiency Within Your Facilities

Vertical storage solutions are an excellent way to reclaim floor space while providing a safer and easier method for your workforce to access stock, components or tools. However, the benefits of vertical storage systems don\’t end there. They are also an excellent tool for reducing waste and inefficiency within a facility – quickly paying for themselves by eliminating drags on your bottom line.

If you\’re still on the fence about switching over to vertical storage, here are just a few ways these systems bring genuine long-term value.

Four Ways Vertical Storage Solutions Reduce Workplace Waste

1. Reduce overproduction

In organizations without strict inventory asset control, they are often tempted to produce on a \”just in case\” principle – creating stock or product that may not be strictly needed, just in case a run happens. However, better asset tracking reduces or eliminates the need for such wasteful activity. Vertical storage is fully automated, with robust item tracking which ensures you always know exactly what\’s on-site and accessible.

2. Reduce workforce downtime

Vertical storage is far safer for employees, particularly when compared to making them use ladders or cherry pickers to take items off of high shelves. Vertical storage systems complete eliminates the need for workers to climb heights to do their job, and that will translate into significantly lower accident rates – along with the downtime that accompanies most accidents.

3. Reduce labor costs in general

Vertical storage solutions are far more efficient than manual methods of item picking, and studies have shown them to increase productivity by up to 85%. Workers will spend less time hunting down items, and more time putting those items to use. Or, in situations where picking is their sole job, you may find you can reduce your workforce thanks to vertical storage.

4. Reduce picking errors

Vertical storage systems are automated and track the location of every item within their bays. Furthermore, operation is simple – it\’s no more complicated than working a vending machine and, in many cases, can be even further streamlined with use of barcodes or QR codes. This makes picking errors far less common, further reducing workforce costs as well as preventing costly problems further down the workflow.

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