Improve Your Grow Operation with Vertical Racking

The legal cannabis market is booming, and if you\’re running a grow operation, chances are you\’re looking to expand your own operations as quickly as you can. Of course, space is limited, and some states specifically restrict marijuana growth to indoor operations. This can put severe burdens on growers and seemingly inhibit your ability to keep up with demand.

Well, you don\’t necessarily need to expand your physical facilities. You can improve your overall harvest and efficiency by investing in vertical growing solutions!

Why Every Grow Op Should Invest in Vertical Growing Solutions

A vertical growing solution is exactly what it sounds like a rack style arrangement for storing your plants which stretches upwards. These systems can be automated as well, rotating the stock, and use movement mechanisms to bring shelves down within arm\’s reach whenever you need to get at specific plants.

This can bring several big benefits to your operation!

* Vastly increase your harvest
How much vertical headroom is available in your grow room? If you are like the typical grower, there\’s probably a lot – and that\’s space which could be filled with more growing plants! Depending on the overall dimensions of your grow room, you could double your harvest or more, without adding a single square foot to your overall footprint.

* Rack specific lighting
Keeping your plants well-lit isn\’t a problem either. Each rack can have its own super-efficient LED lighting system, ensuring all your plants are happy and always receiving the perfect amount of light for their growth. Lighting levels can potentially be automated, as well, reducing the need for manual adjustment of lights.

* Diversify your crops
Many marijuana growers face a big problem keeping up with demand from a market that loves novelty and wants to keep seeing new cultivars appear while keeping within the realities of their growing space. Vertical growing solutions solve this problem! By expanding your available space for growing, you have room to experiment or have numerous more cultivars on-hand.

Maximize the Potential of Your Grow Op with Vertical Growing Solutions
There are few better investments you could make into the future of your marijuana cultivation business than a vertical growing system. The initial costs will be easily paid for with higher yields and greater crop diversity.

Material Flow Technologies are world leaders in vertical storage systems. Contact us directly to learn how we can improve your grow op!