Vertical Lift Modules from Material Flow Technologies

Are you looking for a way to reclaim space within your buildings, or find ways to make better use of the storage space you have available?  Few investments will bring a better payoff than installing vertical lift modules.  These automated storage systems allow you to optimize the use of your facilities by taking advantage of the space above your head.

Whether you\’re trying to reclaim floor space, convert storage rooms into offices, or simply have more storage without expanding existing buildings, vertical lift modules make it happens.

Four Ways Vertical Lift Modules Save Money and Improve Efficiency

  1. Reclaiming floorspace

Vertical lift storage systems can be made as tall as you need, potentially even as tall as a warehouse or even higher.  With a wide variety of trays inside, they can store almost anything as well.  This allows you to make use of almost every inch of vertical space available, moving objects off the floor and allowing it to be put to better use.

  1. Fast item retrieval

There\’s no need to fool around with ladders, lifts, or cherry pickers when a vertical lift module installed.  These automated systems can retrieve items for you based on a variety of inputs, including bar codes or laser pointing.  Just scan the item you want, and the automation system handles retrieval.  It\’s quick and easy.

  1. Improved worker safety

Cutting out the use of climbing systems in your warehouse means a big boost to employee safety!  On top of that, vertical storage modules are also designed to deliver items in an ergonomic fashion which puts them at waist level.  Workers don\’t have to ever lift from the floor, or above their heads, which adds further to the health and safety improvements.

  1. More security 

Lossage is an issue at almost any storage facility, and vertical lift modules can do a lot to improve the situation.  With items stored securely within the module, they cannot simply be grabbed off the shelves.  The system can be further set up so that every pick request is logged, making it impossible for a worker to simply swipe an item – plus, of course, locking out unauthorized personnel entirely.

Improve Systems Efficiency with Material Flow Technologies!

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