Vertical Storage Solutions Lower Costs and Improve Efficiency

When growing an operation, efficient use of space is a must.  Land and development are expensive, so whenever you can make better use of existing facilities, you\’re improving your bottom line.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is the integration of vertical storage solutions.  A company without vertical storage is almost certainly making less-than-optimal use of their space.  Often, they can reclaim huge amounts of storage space with only minimal investment in new systems to utilize it.

Five Major Benefits to Vertical Storage Solutions

  1. Utilize unused space

All too often, building planners forget about all the space that exists above people\’s heads.  This space goes mostly or completely unused, amounting to wasted space within a facility.  Vertical storage systems reclaim this space, allowing building managers to \”discover\” large amounts of storage space without any need to expand floor space.

  1. Better visibility and efficiency

Another major benefit to vertical storage is that it puts more stored items where they can be seen by staff.  It\’s all too easy for items stored on the floor, or on low shelves, to become buried under additional stacks of items.  When these are spread out vertically in an intelligent fashion, they become easier to see and easier to access.

  1. Improved oversight

As a corollary to #2, there is also the matter of oversight and stopping loss.  When it\’s easy to lose track of where a particular stored item is, it\’s also easy for that item to go missing without being noticed.  However, if everything is stacked vertically within clear sight of cameras and managers, such disappearances become far less common.

  1. Convert back rooms into profit-drivers

Do you have entire rooms in your building devoted to storing products, ones which could potentially also be utilized as offices or other profit-creation rooms?  You can reclaim them with vertical storage!  Get your stored items out in the open, and then the back room is free for better use.

  1. Preparing for automation

Automated storage and item retrieval systems work much better when storage is vertical.  In fact, they basically cannot work with the traditional \”stacks of boxes\” approach to ground-level storage.  If you see automation in your future, moving towards vertical storage systems is a great multi-purpose first step.

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