4 Leading Industrial Storage Solutions

Even the largest warehouses need to have the proper storage solutions because haphazardly storing items creates dysfunction in the workplace. For this reason, many invest in industrial storage solutions to make their daily operations more efficient and organized. The right storage technology can help free up space and keep up efficiency on the shop room floor.

Material Flow Technologies offers storage solutions across industries and we’ve gathered some insightful information for you below to make the most out of your warehouse’s storage space.

 Vertical Lift Modules

 For those who want to capitalize on their facility’s floor space, vertical lift modules are ideal, freeing up to 90 percent of the average commercial warehouse’s floor space. These automated systems can also increase productivity and labor, reducing the need for employees to have to shuffle around the shop room to find the right box or storage compartment. The Modula Lift technology employed by Material Flow Technologies also limits access to only those authorized.

Mobile Storage Solutions

 Offering a host of specialized solutions for industries including law enforcement, athletic equipment, hospital, and retail storage, mobile racks, and shelving can help you keep important items organized and free up to 70 percent of your floor space. The best part about mobile racks and shelving is that they can be easily moved to accommodate the layout of your facility.

Vertical Carousels

 Many industries, such as manufacturing firms and pharmaceutical specialists, require more specialized ways of storing and organizing important items at high volume. Vertical carousels consist of a series of bins mounted to a vertical, oval-shaped track, much like a carousel, turning to bring you the desired items. This industrial storage solution allows users to create custom, subdivided categories and exercise quality control over the entire inventory, in addition to saving space.

Horizontal Carousels

 Designed for high-speed order picking and parts delivery, horizontal carousels work best in industries where both delivery time and accuracy is imperative. Your inventory is housed in pods using specialized software that allows for batch picking and higher speeds during peak hours. Such storage solutions also contain redundant controls, making for access even during a software or control failure.

Material Flow Technologies can handle industrial storage needs of any size!

 Does your commercial enterprise need to get organized? The automated storage technology available from Material Flow Technologies can improve operations and quality control, so contact our team today!