Stainless Steel Belts & Automated Conveyor Systems

When it comes to automated conveyor systems, there are few things that have made as much of an impact over the years as stainless steel: its durability and versatility make it the ideal material for a host of industries. Most of today’s advanced conveyor systems are designed with stainless steel belts to increase efficiency, minimize errors and provide a sterile environment.

Stainless steel belts are also manufactured to endure high temperatures and even exposure to chemicals, all without the slightest amount of damage. It’s for this reason that the professionals from Material Flow Technologies rely on the material to fashion their versatile and operator-friendly conveyor systems.

How are Stainless Steel Belts Driving Automation Technology?

Automation is used to enable manufacturers to create a product or perform various applications much more efficiently and accurately than they could by hand. Nowadays, with the advent of 3-D printing technology, this accuracy and time has increased even more. This is also thanks in part to stainless steel belts and drive technology.

Custom 3-D printers and cutting-edge software enable manufacturers to create custom parts and print them in-house, something which has become possible only in recent years. The printing head can be mounted nearby the belt, which bears pieces and materials to be printed upon. Other belt materials wouldn’t be able to withstand such use and weight.

Robotic Applications Benefit from Stainless Steel Belts

Robotic arms are a common thing to see on many automated production lines. Automated conveyor systems using robotics often employ stainless steel belts and tapes that enable them to perform tasks without stretching or needing to be frequently replaced. Since stainless steel is so durable and sterile, it rarely needs to be cleaned and requires no lubrication.

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