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Save Time and Money by Integrating Automated Conveyor Systems into Your Warehouse

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When warehouse managers are considering the use of automated conveyor systems, it’s understandable if they find the up-front cost to be daunting.  Automated systems are expensive to install and disrupt processes until implementation is complete.   However, the expense truly can be worth it!

With the right automation solution, properly installed, your new system will start paying for itself very quickly.  The sheer number of improvements it brings to your operations will easily justify the expense.

Three Big Ways Automated Conveyor Systems Save You Time and Money

  1. Reclaiming space 

One often-overlooked benefit to automated conveyor systems is that they require far less space in the aisles between conveyors – roughly half as much, in fact!  They don’t have to leave room for forklifts, or even multiple people.  This allows you to reclaim a lot of space, making room to expand operations without the need for any additional building construction.

On top of that – literally – automated conveyor belts don’t have to worry about being easily accessible.  They can be suspended from the ceiling, moving product in three-dimensional space in a way that couldn’t be done with human workers.  This creates even more usable space within your facility.

  1. Reduced human error

Are robots perfect?  No, but case study after case study has shown them to be significantly more reliable than humans.  Robots and automation, when properly programmed, are much less likely to make costly mistakes, drop products, mis-fill orders, etc.  In a business world that’s becoming increasingly intolerant of such errors, it can make the difference between keeping or losing key clients.

  1. Lower day-to-day costs

Yes, automation costs a lot to install… but robots don’t need to take time off to sleep.  They don’t need holidays, or weekends, or overtime pay.  They don’t get hurt in accidents, and certainly, don’t sue for damages.  Your warehouse can do more work, more consistently, but with the need for far fewer staff.  All you’ll likely need is an overseer and a couple engineers for dealing with hardware or software problems.

Turn to Material Flow Technologies for Your Automation Solutions

Automation is the future of warehousing, and we’ve been making it a reality for over twenty years.  Our custom-built automated conveyor systems can revolutionize your warehouse, cutting costs while increasing efficiency across the board.

To begin consultation on automation options for your facilities, contact us today.


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