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Lighting Solutions

As industry changes their material handling needs, Material Flow Technologies has kept up with the new technology and designs to assist our clients with their material flow needs. So, to have we stayed on top of the means with which lighting is being done today. Incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lighting has been the means to illuminate an operation over the past 100 years. As we become more cost and energy conscious, however, LED lighting is becoming the norm. Through our partnership with Forever Lamp, we can offer suggestions on ways to improve the lighting in your facility and keep your costs down.

Lighting Solutions

As LED lighting has proliferated into the Residential marketplace, the industrial and commercial markets are now being offered high quality and cost effective LED options as well. Some of the benefits of installing Foreverlamp LED fixtures in your operation include:

  • Sustainability – Due to its low energy consumption, an LED lamp enables a savings of up to 50% over a similar HID lamp
  • Design – Designed for a long-lasting life through state of the art technology maximizing the life of the LED chip
  • Quality – Produced with great care using the highest quality components available
  • Affordability – Exceptional price with financing programs available

Material Flow Technologies specializes in the evaluation of the most valuable solution for your application. We are pleased to offer a no obligation initial interview that will provide recommendations for the best alternatives to generate improvements in your operation. Our comprehensive evaluation provides equipment and system recommendations while also estimating costs and return on investment (ROI).

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