How Vertical Lift Modules Improve Order Selection

Do your warehouses still depend significantly on human labor to handle order selection? If so, there is a good chance this is causing a bottleneck in your operations, as well as increasing the chances of worker injury while climbing ladders or carrying stock around. You can improve efficiency across your operation, while fulfilling customer orders more quickly, by integrating vertical lift modules (VLMs) into your order selection system.
These computer-controlled devices are largely automated, both storing and retrieving items based on programming. Switching to such systems brings numerous benefits to your warehouse operations.

Four Big Benefits to Adding Vertical Lift Modules to Your Order Selection System

1. Faster pick rates
VLMs are both faster and more accurate than human labor! There\’s no need to go climbing around on stairs or ladders, searching for the correct filing number. The automated system knows exactly where every item is stored and goes straight for it. The compact nature of VLMs further speeds up the process, saving extra time.

2. Reclaim floor space, or add more stock
Because VLM systems do not have to leave room for people to move and work, they make much more efficient use of space. They can also be as tall as you need, up to the maximum height of your storage area. In short, they pack far more product into a smaller space! You can use this to reclaim floor space for other work or to include a much larger supply of products without having to physically expand your warehouse.

3. Reduce loss
Loss is a serious consideration in any warehouse, often leading to a number of costly security measures whose effectiveness is questionable. VLMs are a great solution to the problem. Their method of storage makes them highly resistant to direct theft and being computer-controlled, it\’s impossible for a worker to request an item without that action being tracked. VLMs can significantly reduce loss without the need for extra security measures.

4. Improve storage speeds too
More advanced models of VLMs don\’t merely pick products – they also intelligently store them based on size and available space. You simply feed a new product into the system, and it automatically finds a perfect spot to put it. There\’s no need to manually program locations into the system.

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