Automated Vertical Storage Solutions Can Optimize Your Auto Shop

If you run any sort of garage or other type of vehicle repair shop, undoubtedly keeping track of parts and tools is a major concern. Your staff needs quick and easy access to the right items if they\’re going to make best use of their time. However, if you\’re still doing item management manually – with shelves and boxes and drawers – there are much better alternatives!

Vertical storage solutions are automated systems which use smart item management and vertical storage to speed up item access and accuracy. They can significantly streamline your operations!

Four Ways Vertical Storage Solutions Improve Garage Operations

1. Reduce your storage footprint

Because vertical storage solutions are built upwards, they have relatively small footprints. You could install a storage unit that\’s as tall as your garage ceiling, with parts going all the way up – but without having to worry about human accessibility. You could replace entire walls full of shelves with a single storage unit. That means more room for work to be done, or potentially even another repair bay!

2. Highly accurate item retrieval

One key feature of vertical storage units is the use of smart computer systems to track items and their placement. This is generally done via bar codes, although other optical systems are available as well. Your worker simply keys in the code for the item they want, and the system fetches it. Likewise, all they have to do is drop it into the return bin, and the system puts it back into storage.

3. Smart storage optimization

Many vertical storage systems are aware of the sizes of items placed within them and can automatically optimize their use of space. If a worker is returning a 3.5\” item, for example, the system knows to look for a best-fit space to store it. The system will automatically put it in a 4\” spot, rather than taking up a 6\” spot.

4. Reduce Loss

Perhaps this isn\’t an issue at your facility, but if you have a problem with items \”walking away,\” vertical storage prevents it. By storing items vertically, within an enclosed space, they\’re far less accessible when work isn\’t being done. Further, the system can track items which have been taken, making it easier to know if they aren\’t returned.

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