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  Power Column 2

The all new Power Column 2 offered by White Systems is the State of the Art offering in this highly competitive field.

The Power Column 2 Vertical Lift Module provides an excellent storage and Retrieval method that has the following Benefits:

1. Reduced Space Requirements
2. Greater Inventory Control
3. Improved Access Efficiency
4. Higher Productivity
5. Maximum Product Security
6. Improved Ergonomics


The New Power Column 2 offers many standard and optional features that make this the most advanced VLM available.

Rack and Pinion Drive System makes the PC2 smooth, fast, and reliable.
  The PC2 Standard Controller has many features including a parts and location database, height sensor and the ability to space the storage trays on the fly to maximize cube utilization.
  The Roller Track Shelf Supports Provide Smooth and Low Friction Storage and Retrieval.

The Power Column 2 standard machine includes the following features:
Stainless Steel Access Window • Wood Trimmed Pick Counter • Halogen Lighted Pick Window • Service Access Door • Galvanized Frames and Trays • Standard Controls Components

The Power Column 2, which offers many optional features, can provide added value to the application:

  Adjustable Height
Work Counter
Tilt Tray Presentation
  Powered Security Door Laser Pointer
  Parts Dividers Software Systems

Where Space and Efficient Storage is needed the Power Column 2 provides an exceptional solution.

Whether the application calls for the Power Column 2 or any of the Material Handling solutions represented by Material Flow Technologies, we are prepared to assist you in finding the best answer to maximize your return on investment.

Contact us for more details on the Power Column 2 or any of the products and services we offer. Let us help you find the most effective solution for your needs.


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