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CAD 1 ThumbnailMaterial Flow Technologies provides professional consulting services focused on improvement of Material Handling and Operations Systems for Manufacturing and Distribution. Our diverse knowledge of available solutions and experience of successful implementations provide our clients with the opportunity to maximize the efficiency of their operations.

Our solutions include the evaluation of existing operations and identification of opportunities to improve efficiency. The evaluation process includes observation of the operations, analysis of data, and input of key operations personnel. Our focus is on Material Flow and the opportunity to Reduce Labor, Improve Accuracy, Improve Customer Service, Reduce Costs, and Improve the Work Environment.

We will provide customers with complete solutions, and if we are contracted to implement the solutions, we can provide guaranteed results. We provide our clients with expected results from our designs, which can be directly tied to Return On Investment. With the proper implementation the client will experience success with limited opportunity for risk.

Design / Build

CAD 2 ThumbnailMaterial Flow Technologies has successfully completed several Design Build projects. We have found that this method of implementing a complete solution provides the client with the greatest opportunity for success with the least risk and typically at a lower cost. Our Design Build process begins with the process of evaluating the operation and determining the greatest opportunities for improvement. We then provide a plan for the process of change that includes a complete design and implementation plan. Along with this plan we provide the client with expected results that are guaranteed.

The Build process follows the design process and follows the outlined plan. We provide the systems and equipment necessary and the integration assistance needed. This process will result in a complete project that meets the design specifications and yields the intended results. In order to insure the client of a competitive cost we use a cost plus method of pricing that shares with the client our costs through full disclosure.

The complete Design Build forms a partnership between the Client and Material Flow Technologies built on mutual trust and professionalism. We would be pleased to discuss our process with any potential clients and share with you our references.


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