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  Brokerage Services & Used Equipment

Seller Services
We can provide your company with Brokerage Services for your used equipment. Our services will allow you the opportunity to maximize your income on used equipment. Material Flow Technologies provides you with the skilled sales and engineering services necessary to match your equipment to a potential buyer.

We specialize in Automated Storage and Retrieval systems such as Horizontal Carousels, Vertical Carousels, Vertical Lift Modules, etc. We also can reconfigure and add controls necessary to used conveyor equipment applications in order to sell them to a new user.

We offer the client a method of obtaining the best available price for a system by selling them direct to the purchaser. This is usually three to four times the value a used dealer will offer for the same equipment.

If the client wishes to remove the equipment regardless as soon as is possible we can offer to buy the equipment at the market value and transfer the risk of reselling. This may at times be for the cost of removal of the equipment or for a small sum above the cost of removal.

Buyers Services
Our expertise in integrating automated systems will help potential buyers to find the right used equipment for their application. We help the buyer determine the costs associated with relocating the equipment and integrating the equipment into their operation.

We can also provide the services and products necessary to complete and application. This includes peripheral equipment like rack, conveyor, shelving, tote bins, etc. We can provide the services like installation and integration of the equipment as well as controls or software systems.

It is important to have any used equipment evaluated for both the condition and application. Many good applications go wrong because the used equipment was in poor condition or not suited for the application. Let Material Flow Technologies be your source for professional assistance in evaluating any equipment you are considering buying. As with any used equipment purchase it is buyer beware.

New Versus Used
It is important to also evaluate whether to buy used or new equipment. As an integrator and dealer of new equipment we are qualified to evaluate when it makes sense to purchase new or if used will fit your needs. This is an important decision because it will reduce your risk of making the wrong decision based solely on cost.

Current Used Systems Available Through Material Flow Technologies
Below are pictures of some used equipment looking for the right home. Please let us know how we can help you to find the right solution to your needs.

Two 12' Tall Horizontal Carousels with heavy Duty Capacity. System includes a Lift Platform designed for three carousels. Controls include 680 Motor Controllers and IPC for Three or Four Carousels to interface with PC and Software. Material Flow Technologies can provide the appropriate s Lightrees and Sortbars to complete the fully automated solution. System available immediately.

This Horizontal Carousel System is as good as it gets. A complete system ready for full automation including controls and Pick to Light. Just add Software. This system is virtually new and has zero hours on it. The totes can be included and we may be able to purchase some conveyor and guarding. This system is available immediately and can¹t be beat.

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